Prabhas feels that he still does not know how to handle stardom

Prabhas also said that he is quite a shy person and does not like facing crowds.

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Prabhas feels that he still does not know how to handle stardom

During a recent interaction with a leading news agency, Telugu star Prabhas opened up about his personal life and revealed that he still does not know how to handle stardom. The ‘Baahubali’ actor went on to add that he is a shy individual and does not like facing too many people.

“I am still shy when I go to interviews. I want a lot of people to come and watch my film but I can’t face (that many) people. After being in the industry for 13-14 years now, I still don’t know how to handle stardom. My fans feel bad that their hero doesn’t come out so much. I’m better than before, and trying to improve,” he added.

Besides this, Prabhas also said that initially he was not interested in becoming an actor but changed his mind after watching a film starring his uncle and veteran actor Krishnam Raju. He further added that his desire to act began when he imagined himself in his uncle’s shoes.

“This is what I remember, (though I) actually don’t know what happened inside my mind. One day I was watching my uncle’s film directed by Bapu. I imagined myself in my uncle’s character… Then I think it slowly started somewhere,” he added.

Well, that is a sweet revelation and is bound to make us fall in love with Prabhas, even more. Interestingly, the 37-year-old is currently shooting for ‘Saaho’ which is an action-thriller and is being directed by Sujeeth. Besides Prabhas, it also has Shraddha Kapoor in the lead.


    Please be who you are…U have been this Successful because of your HUMBLE nature……Please remain so!!!
    Don’t let Success ever change u…

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