PSV Garuda Vega: Shraddha takes us through the making of her character in the film

Shraddha Das plays the role of a journalist in PSV Garuda Vega which is being directed by Praveen Sattaru.

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PSV Garuda Vega: Shraddha takes us through the making of her character in the film

PSV Garuda Vega, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Praveen Sattaru, is making some buzz in the film circles in Telugu with its unique characteristics and ensemble cast. PSV Garuda Vega features Rajashekar, Pooja Kumar, Adith Arun, Shraddha Das and Kishore among others. The film has already created quite a buzz after the release of posters and first looks of lead characters of the film.

PSV Garuda Vega features actress Shraddha Das in the role of a journalist in the film which she is playing for the first time in her career. Shraddha, having studies journalism, recently had said that her studies helped her get into the character of a journo easily. “I had studied broadcast journalism in college. The experience came in handy while playing a reporter in the film. It wasn’t an entirely new space for me as I was well aware of the lifestyle of a reporter, how they talk and conduct themselves,” Shraddha had said.

The makers have now released a video which has Shraddha Das explaining about her character and the making of her role in the film.

Shraddha will be teaming up with Praveen Sattaru for the second time having previously played a role in Guntur Talkies. Shraddha Das played the role of Revolver Rani in Guntur Talkies which got her rave reviews for her performance.

Speaking about PSV Garuda Vega, Shraddha says, “When I auditioned, Praveen gave me two huge monologues with lines in chaste Telugu. I’m quite comfortable with the language but to mouth lines in pure Telugu was tough. Reporters don’t use the colloquial language and their Telugu has heavy influence of Sanskrit.”

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