Rajamouli: It was a challenging task to keep everyone’s focus on the film

The director is all praise for his crew members

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Baahubali 2 Director S S Rajamouli

When you’re making a film on a budget of INR 450 crores, with six big league actors, more than 10000 junior artists, 250 VFX studios and expectations of a nation with 1.30 billion, there is enormous pressure on you. Handling that pressure and yet managing to pull off the task is something only SS Rajamouli can do. He seems to be defining new concepts in Indian cinema with Baahubali. But the man stays grounded and speaks like a child who is in awe of cinema when he sees it for the first time.

Speaking to a leading portal, Rajamouli revealed how he dealt with handling unforeseen situations while shooting for Baahubali. “The toughest part was to keep the focus of everyone on this project, on the story and on the work. We are not used to working on just one film. One year at the max. This is a new way of filmmaking, one we are not used to.

Jakkanna, as he is fondly called in Telugu film circles, confesses that he always doubts in his mind about the cinema. “I am always in self-doubt… every moment of my filmmaking. I am supremely confident when the story is being written and everything is in our head. But the moment we get into the filmmaking, I start doubting myself. From the camera angle to the re-recording, to getting the actors to do their shots. I always wonder whether I am going in the right direction,” said the creative filmmaker Rajamouli.

Baahubali 2 Movie Review
Rana Daggubati and Prabhas in Baahubali 2

Speaking about how Baahubali happened and the storyboard behind it, Rajamouli said, “The vision was not just in 2012 – it kept building over a period of years, right from my childhood. I had this penchant for bigger films, larger-than-life characters. And as the interest in films started growing and (I watched) films like Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments or Telugu films like Maya Bazaar, I always had an inclination for that.

But he stopped himself from answering one question -Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? Well, the wait is just one day away and watching it on the big screen gives a great high too.

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