Rakul Preet on the backlash to her ‘casting couch’ remark: I still stand by what I’ve said

Rakul Preet also reacted to Sri Reddy and Madhavi Latha’s remarks and said that she does not know them.

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Rakul Preet

A few days ago, popular actor Rakul Preet spoke about the sensitive issue of casting couch and made it clear that she had never experienced such a thing in her entire career.

“People have been talking about casting couch a lot. But I just feel that they talk more about us because we are under the scanner and the limelight. I personally have done so many films and I have never, ever come across a single person who has tried to act funny with me,” she had added.

As it so happens, her comments did not go done too well with actors Sri Reddy and Madhavi Lathi. The ladies ripped her apart and accused her of lying. They also went to the extent of saying that she was painting a rosy picture in order to avoid missing out on offers.

Now, Rakul has reacted to the whole controversy and made it clear that she is going to stand by her original remark. Reacting to Sri Reddy and Madhavi Latha’s harsh remarks, she said that she does not even know who they are and has never seen them in any film. Rakul added that her original remark was based on her own experiences and there is no question of her retracting them.

“If I have not experienced casting couch, then how can I talk about it? And if they think I am lying, then I have nothing to say. I still stand by what I’ve said,” she added.

These are some strong remarks and can create quite a buzz amongst movie goes. On a related note, Rakul currently has NGK in her kitty. It is a Selvaraghavan directorial and will see her act opposite Suriya and the fast-rising Sai Pallavi. She also has a Bollywood film with Ajay Devgn in her kitty.

Source: Times of India


    You were also warned by Upasna ( Ramcharan’s wife ) to leave him alone and not to get close to her. Upasna comes from a very powerful family. May be that is the reason why you are not doing any Telugu films after Spyder. She kicked you out.???? So now you are working in Tamil and Hindi films.


    She talking about her own experience, why do others like to believe they know her life better than herself?!? I guess she’s never been in the whole casting couch situation, but I do think she should have acknowledged it. I’m sure she knows it exists because it’s an international issue!


    she is side kick/ side keep of politician KTR in telangana. everyone knows her in the higher circles.


    Even Hollywood has casting couch? Then how can Tollywood be so good. Did you hear Harvery wienstein?When Hollywood can come forward and tell it all – Why cant you? Oh you loose money – crores – got it. Its not just producers, directors, heroes, make up man, camera man – you also need to please the underworld Bhai’s, business men and local goondas too in order to survive in movies. Its a open secret and a known fact.


    If a producer is investing crores on a film and paying you as well then he will expect you to do everything for him. Have you not heard of a financial term called – Return of investment ( ROI )?? Oh you don’t have that level of education I guess.


    So what about your closeness with Ramcharan, A Arjun and your “special” friend ship with Rana? This is casting couch – Right? So you never were involved even during your modelling days? Then how did you get modelling contracts? Moreover with your over exercised masculine body and aunty like face – I doubt you will get offers just like that on a platter. Stop fooling us. At least accept it so that young girls will be alerted who are falling prey to all these horrible acts.


    So if she does not face also does she need to tell that it exists!! She told clearly it is her personal experience. Sri Reddy is doing it for publicity. Cheap tricks.


    This girl is in going out with someone powerful who’s guarding her interests.. she should have been sensitive to girls who don’t have the looks or be if it’s like her


      That is like a decent formalized casting couch.

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