Rakul Preet deserves my apologies, says Sri Reddy in the Tollywood casting couch issue

Sri Reddy took to her Facebook page and said that Rakul Preet deserves her apologies in the Tollywood casting couch issue.

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Rakul Preet deserves my apologies, says Sri Reddy in the Tollywood casting couch issue

Sri Reddy, Ram Gopal Varma, Pawan Kalyan and couple of other actors from Telugu film industry are the talking points in Telugu film circles for the last couple of weeks. After Ram Gopal Varma posted a video message admitting that he instigated Sri Reddy to abuse Pawan Kalyan, a lot has been happening around Pawan Kalyan with the whole issue taking a political turn. Pawan Kalyan has been posting messages on his Twitter handle accusing many media barons and politicians of tarnishing his image. With all this activities around Pawan Kalyan and his fans, the Sri Reddy casting couch seems to have taken a backseat and not much is being discussed around it. However, Sri Reddy has been posting on her social media pages and alleging that fans of Pawan Kalyan have been threatening her of rape and death, and she would soon proceed legally. And in such messages, Sri Reddy apologized to Rakul Preet and said that the actor deserves it. “Rakul preet deserves my apologies” wrote Sri Reddy not elaborating much on the whole scene.

Rakul preet deserves my apologies..

Posted by Sri Reddy on Sunday, April 22, 2018

The reason for Sri Reddy to apologize is because she had accused Rakul Preet of lying about the casting couch in the Telugu film industry fearing losing her chances in films. Rakul Preet, during one of the press conferences, had said that she never faced any such casting couch situations and always felt safe in Telugu film industry. Reacting to it, Sri Reddy had said that Rakul Preet is lying and is trying to cover up things since she is friends with many biggies in the film industry.

However, with Sri Reddy apologizing for her comments, it will be interesting to see what Rakul Preet would have to say about it. Although Rakul hasn’t responded to Sri Reddy’s previous comments, there have been unconfirmed reports claiming that Rakul isn’t happy with the way she was targeted by the protesting actor.


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