Ram Gopal Varma feels Tollywood is being targeted in the drugs case

The outspoken filmmaker posted a long message on his social networking page about the ongoing Tollywood drugs case.

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Ram Gopal Varma feels Tollywood is being targeted in the drugs case

Dauntless and outspoken Ram Gopal Varma has a say on the ongoing drugs case in Tollywood and somewhere he has a valid point. RGV, known for making controversial statements, speaks his heart/mind out on the Tollywood drugs case which has put the industry in a spot of bother at the present moment. Having his roots from the Telugu film industry, Ramu brings to light some important questions which will make one think before jumping to conclusions.

I am very much wondering if the school children taking drugs also will be summoned by SIT and interrogated for 12 hours like they are doing to Poori jagan and Subba Raju … just asking?,” Ram Gopal Varma wrote on his Facebook page. “Of course, everyone kind of knows it exists but first time everyone actually heard about this department only because they are using the film industry as a teaser trailer for people to come to know their existence,” RGV added.

Ram Gopal Varma also took a jibe at the director of the Telangana Excise Department Akun Sabharwal and called him the Baahubali. “Whatever the actual truth of the drugs matter, the law in its own course might tell or not tell, but for the moment Akun Sabharwal is being projected like Amarendra Bahubali by the media… Maybe S.S. Rajamouli should make ‘Bahubali 3’ with him. Nobody is denying the integrity of Sabharwal or his department but even without any charges or conclusive proof to allow the media leaks to destroy the reputations of people apart from causing distress to their families is highly deplorable,” wrote Ram Gopal Varma.

The filmmaker’s comments evoked condemnation from R. Chandravadan, Commissioner, Prohibition and Excise. He said it was unfortunate that some people were making comments which were demoralising for the officials.


    I think he should see how many actors die in Hollywood with drug overdose…and then he will see why these strict measures are necessary. Drugs also bring violence with illegal guns, and ruin the future of a country. He is just ignorant.

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