Ram Gopal Varma makes a comeback on Twitter; Takes on Pawan Kalyan and Rajinikanth on their political agenda

RGV's first tweet was on superstar Rajinikanth entering politics and how he would be the next big thing in Tamil Nadu political scenes.

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Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma had quite Twitter in May this year and had said he would only continue interacting on Instagram and Facebook only, not Twitter. During his presence in the Twitter world, Ram Gopal Varma has had great conversations, arguments, controversies and debates with many filmmakers, critics and other celebrities owing to his outspoken approach on different issues. And ever since RGV quite Twitter, people had mixed opinions about it. While few said that they do miss him on the digital platform, but few said that they were glad he is no longer tweeting. However, Ram Gopal Varma has now made a comeback on Twitter and started talking about points which could ruffle few feathers. His first tweet was on superstar Rajinikanth entering politics and how he would be the next big thing in Tamil Nadu political scenes. And later, he shifted focus to Pawan Kalyan who also has been aspiring to get into politics soon.

Ramu’s take on Pawan Kalyan’s political agenda didn’t go down well with fans of the power star and soon a war broke out between few of them. Ram Gopal Varma did not respond to any of these counters from the fans, but instead chose to continue with his tweets. “Here’s my Jesus like rejuvenated second coming on Twitter ..Wish u all as happy a new year as every other bygone Happy Old Year,” was RGV’s first tweet after comeback. And after speaking about Rajinikanth’s entry in politics, his focus shifted to Pawan Kalyan and he wrote – “I wish @PawanKalyan will contest all seats in AP like @superstarrajini doing in TN ..if he doesn’t do,PK’s fans will feel he doesn’t have guts  like Rajinikanth ..it will be an insult to telugu people’s prestige if our Superstar has lesser guts than the Superstar of Tamil people. If @PawanKalyan doesn’t with guts contest in each and every seat of AP, both his fans and all telugu people will feel he’s just a very ordinary star and not a SUPERSTAR like @superstarrajini of the Tamil people.”

Not very long ago, RGV had praised Pawan Kalyan on his Facebook page and had a long message for him. RGV had said he was extremely thrilled to observe Pawan Kalyan’s tremendous insights into various issues. “Just saw the latest speech of Pawan Kalyan..extremley thrilled to observe his tremendous insights into various issues ..He has a incisive clarity on both past and future and showed an extraordinary honesty in clearing the air about multiple rumors surrounding him..Him not shying away to hide his thoughts and feelings with regard to anyone by directly taking names stands as an ultimate testimony for his mountainous integrity. More than anything else personally speaking for myself when he said that he thinks before talking, it is a lesson I learnt from him because I have a stupid habit of being impulsive to talk and tweet without thinking and I want to thank Pawan Kalyan for this insight,” RGV added further. Ram Gopal Varma ended the message saying, “All in all, I think Pawan Kalyan will be only one of a kind gigantic LEADER,” Ram Gopal Varma had said.

Twitteratti seems to be having a great time after RGV made a comeback. What do you feel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below:

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