Ram Gopal Varma: Men are now too scared to face the honesty of Sri Reddy

RGV has supported Sri Reddy in her battle against the casting couch and even compared her to Ashoka The Great.

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Ram Gopal Varma: Men are now too scared to face the honesty of Sri Reddy

Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma just took to Twitter and commented on the ongoing Sri Reddy saga. In his hard-hitting tweet, he said that because of her actions men are now afraid of her. He added that those women who  are speaking ill of her are doing so out of envy.

“Men are now too scared to face the honesty of @MsSriReddy and all the women who are speaking against her are just jealous of her.  Real truthful and sincere women will only follow Sri Stree Shakti,” added the Rangeela director.

RGV also made it clear that those criticising her for behaving like an activist after initially indulging in indecency, must remember that even Ashoka The Great became a changed person after the Kalinga incident.

“Those condemning @MsSriReddy on how she can project herself as a social  activist now,when in her past she did such deeds and language she used, are not realising that a change of heart is what made even the tyrant king Ashoka great. Ashoka the king,killed many people and then he had a change of heart and  became a saviour of lakhs of people and that is why I think @MsSriReddy is as Great as Ashoka the Great,” added RGV.

Interestingly, his comments come shortly after Pawan Kalyan chided her for sensationalising the casting couch issue rather than taking the legal route.’

In case you did not know, Sri Rreddy has been pretty vocal about the ‘exploitation’ of Telugu girls in Tollywood. A few days ago, she had stripped in public and claimed that several Tollywood producers see intimate videos/pics of aspiring actors and take advantage of them before showing them the door. After the infamous protest, she accused actor Rana Daggubati’s brother of exploiting her and even leaked their intimate pics on the social media.


    This guy needs to see a shrink !! How can anyone compare the great Ashoka to Sri Reddy ? Eugh , he is having a laugh .

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