Samantha Akkineni: I never knew I could make ugly faces or twist my mouth as I do in Rangasthalam

Samantha also reveals that Rangasthalam got the best out of her and credits director Sukumar for it.

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Samantha Akkineni has bagged the biggest hit of her career with the latest release Rangasthalam which is directed by Sukumar. But was the journey so easy for the actress? She says no. Samantha says that she was surprised when she was told by the director before each scene that she has to look ugly which she hadn’t heard ever before. But realised later why that was being told to her – the character Rama Lakshmi had to look ugly and rustic. Samantha also reveals that Rangasthalam got the best out of her and credits director Sukumar for it.

When Sukumar narrated the script to me, I was in two minds about playing the character, Rama Lakshmi. I’d never been to a village before, and I was not sure if I could do it. But all my inhibitions were put to rest when we began shooting for the film. Also, I think of myself to be a risk-taker and I’m always game for challenging roles. Before every shot, Sukumar would tell me that I needed to look ugly for the character. At first, I was surprised to hear him say that.  Eventually, I realised that it’s all for the role. I have learned a lot about myself through the film. For instance, I never knew I could make ugly faces, or say, twist my mouth as I do in the film (laughs). I learned a lot from my mentor, Gautham Menon, but I think it is Sukumar who has got the best of me,” Samantha Akkineni was quoted as saying by New Indian Express.

Samantha also voices her opinion about how married women are perceived in film industry and what actually the reality is. “A lot of prejudices exist about the career of married actresses. When I got married to Chaitu, many directors and producers thought I’d signalled the end of my career and that I wouldn’t work in films. But frankly, the audience doesn’t care about these things. They want to see a good actor doing all kinds of roles. As a professional actor, I can tell you marriage hasn’t changed my desire to do good work. Till now, I have stuck to doing films that have come my way. I let my work speak for itself and the mammoth success of Rangasthalam proves a point. I’m really happy to break myths about married women with this film, and I hope people’s perception towards married actors changes for good,” she further added.

Source: New Indian Express

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