Sri Reddy casting couch fight: Here’s what celebrities have to say!

Sri Reddy's fight against casting couch has left the whole industry talking about it. After Sri Reddy, many other actresses came out and spoke about their experiences in the matter.

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Sri Reddy casting couch fight: Here's what celebrities have to say!

Sri Reddy’s fight against casting couch has left the whole industry talking about it. The actress went on to make bold revelations one after another over the existence of casting couch in the industry. She even went on to name big producers, directors and actors who had been involved in the casting couch malpractices. Sri also shared private intimate pictures of her with renowned producer Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram on Twitter, claiming that he cheated on her. After Sri Reddy, many other actresses came out and spoke about their experiences in the matter.

Many have spoken on Sri Reddy’s fight over the same, many have chosen to stay mum. Well, actress and producer Lakshmi Manchu, who is also the vice-president of Movie Artistes’ Association, has maintained silence on the same. While she did condemn Asifa rape case on social media, she hasn’t spoken about the casting couch saga.

Well, here’s a look at what other celebrities from the industry have to say on the matter that is currently a talk of the town:

Actor-politician Khusboo, recently said, “Sexual abuse within the industry is not something I have come across till date. I grew up in this industry and I have been fortunate. To those who have been subjected to it, my empathy.”

Tollywood Producer and director N. Shankar said, “I will not support injustice against women. The film industry is forming a committee to look into the matter. Change is essential and we are working towards it. In Tollywood, we react and reciprocate collectively. About supporting Sri Reddy, issues raised by her should be addressed, which we are doing but the allegations were inappropriate. If they are true, I expect her to take the legal route.”

On the other hand, Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt thinks that Sri Reddy should have taken up the matter in some other way. He explains, “When you have a #metoo movement, the victimised ladies have to point a finger at the person who has done them wrong. That’s what the movement is all about — to bravely name and shame the perpetrators. But if you don’t do that, there is no movement. The purpose will not be served by merely saying there is exploitation. You have to go ahead and name the people who have done it or else it remains an abstraction.”

He added, “A dignified stance is always better. When you strip in front of the association premises, you are doing injustice to the movement.”

Sunitha, who recently revealed that Mahesh Kathi forced on him, said, “Telugu producers have to answer the first issue as they have a right to decide whom to cast in their films. The second issue can be addressed only if specific complaints are made to the right authority, while the living conditions of junior artistes can definitely be taken up by the industry.”

Women’s rights activist Sunita Krishnan also spoke on the same, She says, “Just taking names cannot be considered as a complaint. She need not file a criminal complaint of cheating with the police but she will have to file a complaint to the internal committee formed by the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce to address the issue of sexual harassment. If she files a complaint, rest assured she will get all the support she requires.”

She adds, “For me, she will be like any other victim whom I have worked with. There are three issues that Sri Reddy is raising — that Telugu producers do not take Telugu girls in films; sexual favours are being asked for in return for roles and the pathetic living conditions of junior artistes.”

Meanwhile, power star Pawan Kalyan recently responded to the allegations of Sri Reddy and advised her to knock the doors of the courts. Pawan Kalyan said that Sri Reddy should approach the police officials instead of sensationalising the whole thing, which will only damage her image.

When asked a question on the topic, Pawan Kalyan in an interaction with the media said, “There is no use going to TV channels. The women should go to police stations. More than this sensationalism, there is a need to fight all such injustice in court.”

“Instead of resorting to such protests, it’s better to approach the police and narrate their problems. Let them handle it. Because how much ever we speak to the media, it is the government’s duty to do justice,” he added.

On April 7, Sri Reddy staged a semi-strip in protest, in front of the Telugu Film Chambers, as part of her struggle against the Casting Couch.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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