Sri Reddy lashes out at Pawan Kalyan fans

Controversial queen Sri Reddy has spoken in support of Renu Desai and has lashed at Pawan Kalyan fans.

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Ever since Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai got engaged, she is being trolled and abused on social media. As Pawan Kalyan fans started abusing and trolling her, Renu deleted her Instagram as well as the twitter account. She was forced to deactivate her social media accounts after receiving hate comments. In fact, Pawan Kalyan himself took to Twitter and showered wishes to Renu for her new beginning but this did not stop his fans from targeting her.

Well, now controversial queen Sri Reddy has spoken in support of Renu Desai and has lashed at Pawan Kalyan fans. “She got divorced at a very young age and we are none to talk about the reasons for it, as they are personal. We have no right to talk about her life,” she said.

She further added, “But some people have fake accounts on Twitter and they don’t even use their photos of their faces on their profiles. Who are they to torture her? She has been bringing up her kids in Pune. Does anyone know what kind of problems she is facing? None? Can anyone extend support, when she falls? No! When you can’t help her, why are you interfering in her personal affairs?”

Well, in the past, Sri Reddy hurled abusive comments at the Power Star after he advised her to take her casting couch fight legally rather than personally targeting everyone.

However, Sri Reddy later apologized Pawan Kalyan for abusing him. Sri Reddy wrote, “Bhahiranga kshamapanalu(sincere apologies) to the pawan nd his mommy..unnecessary we blamed by many,ur enemy made us to do this and forced us do this in a good advisor mask..i am not belongs to the any political party..i didnt work for the biryani sorry..I hope u nd ur fans should digest nd understand the truth..trolling its fine I face it for my mistake.”

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