Sri Reddy reacts to Saroj Khan’s controversial comment on casting couch in Bollywood

South star Sri Reddy also reacted to Saroj Khan's remark and told that she has lost respect for her.

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Sri Reddy reacts to Saroj Khan's controversial comment on casting couch in Bollywood

Sri Reddy reacts to Saroj Khan's controversial comment on casting couch in Bollywood

The casting couch issue has become a talk of the town. Be it down in the South or Bollywood, the issue has shaken up everyone. South actress Sri Reddy recently protested against the existence of casting couch in the industry. Well, now Saroj Khan, the veteran choreographer has given her justification to defend casting couch in Bollywood. However, her comment on the same has not gone well among the audience.

Veteran Choreographer Saroj Khan gave a bizarre justification of avoiding casting couch situation in the film industry. She said, “This is going on from ‘baba Adam’s times’, it is not new. Someone or the other always try to take an advantage of a girl. The government does it too, then why are we only behind the film industry? It provides livelihood at least. Does not rape and leave you. It is up to the girl, what she wants to do. If you don’t want to fall into wrong hands, you won’t.”

South star Sri Reddy also reacted to Saroj Khan’s remark and told ANI that she has lost respect for her. She said, “I lost respect for you Saroj ma’am. Being an elder you should give a good path to young actresses. It is giving a wrong indication that you have to be a slave to producers: Sri Reddy (actress who alleged that women are sexual exploited by producers) on Saroj Khan’s remark. “

Well, Saroj Khan’s comment has not gone well among many. She has been receiving a lot of flak for her statement on social media as well as by the celebrities from the industry. However, realizing about her wrong statement later, Saroj Khan apologised for it as well.

Actress Sophie Choudry is also angry about Saroj Khan’s statement. She immediately took to twitter saying, “WTH?!!!! So much respect for Saroj-ji as a choreographer but this is how she uses her position to protect girls?!!! If I didn’t come from a financially sound background I would have returned to London within a month of being in mumbai cos of “industry folk” who think like that!! Can’t begin to think what thousands of girls go through in the hope that their “dreams” will come true! Nobody wants to sleep with someone for work. But they are made to feel it’s the only way & “acceptable”. And for those who don’t, it’s a tough road! This has to stop! #TimesUp”


    All Saroj Kahn said was this is the oldest evil in society and if you don’t wanna sleep with someone for work, then don’t. As far as this should never happen again. Well, wouldn’t that be a Utopian world?????


      What if someone really wants work? Why sleeping with someone be the criteria to get work. Your logic or justification doesnt make sense,


    Sri Reddy is the feminist that Bollywood needs but doesn’t deserve. Kudos to her for daring to stand up to these asshats.

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