Is Sri Reddy’s ‘we’ll beat you up’ remark targeted at Rakul Preet?

Sri Reddy issued threats to a top female actor and created a buzz in the industry for the wrong reasons.

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Is Sri Reddy’s ‘we’ll beat you up’ remark targeted at Rakul Preet?

Is Sri Reddy’s ‘we’ll beat you up’ remark targeted at Rakul Preet?

Upcoming Telugu actor Sri Reddy—who grabbed attention by stripping in public and objecting to the ‘exploitation’ of local girls in Tollywood—is in the limelight again. As it so happens, she recently made quite a few hard-hitting comments about a noted female actor and ruffled a few feathers. While talking the star in question, she said that that she looked like a ‘tyre’ and asked her to not mess with Telugu girls.

“Do you know how you look? You look like a cycle tyre. The one kids in our villages play with! I am sparing you because you are a woman. Why do you care or bother about Telugu heroines and our fights,” she added.

Sri Reddy went to the extent of saying she would beat up the star in question and humiliate her like never before.

“Don’t p*ss off the Telugu women, we will parade you in a garland of slippers. Don’t poke into our movements. Shut your mouth and sit at home. If you again make any such comments, we will come to your shooting spot and beat you up,” added Sri Reddy.

While she did not take any names, the common belief is that the comments were targeted at popular star Rakul Preet.

In case you did not know, Sri Reddy has been quite vocal about the casting couch problem and has repeatedly said that several big names exploit Telugu girls in the name of giving them work and then simply show them the door. Rakul got on her wrong side when the Spyder star denied the existence of casting couch and said that had never experienced such a thing in her life. Following remarks, Sri Reddy had called her a liar and added that she was painting a rosy picture in order to avoid missing out on work opportunities


    Rakul really should have shut up and stayed home. She’s claimed to be well educated and would know that there’s unbelievable exploitation of local women in the Telugu Film Industry. Imagine if Julia Roberts bagged all the best roles in Bollywood and then claimed there’s zero sexual harassment in Bollywood. It’s like slap in the face of the local Telugu talent.

    BTW, for all those claiming that these people are hired solely based on talent, how is it that only heroines are from the North and not the Heros?


    Someone please put this woman in a mental hospital. He is a complete cuckoo!

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