From a ten-year-old kid to an 80-year-old, everyone will connect with the story of Rangasthalam: Aadhi

During the pre-release event of Rangasthalam, mega star Chiranjeevi had revealed that Aadi would die in the story.

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Actor Aadi will be seen playing Ram Charan’s brother in Rangasthalam and his character is called Kumar Babu. The trailers and posters revealed that he would be playing an aspiring politician who confronts the situation in his village. During the pre-release event of Rangasthalam, mega star Chiranjeevi had spilled the beans about the surprise in the film and revealed that Aadi would die in the story. The actor, however, feels that it wouldn’t have much impact on audience since the story develops as you watch. “I don’t mind speaking about the film but you will enjoy it better as you see the story develop. I can say for sure that from a ten year old kid to an 80 year old, everyone will connect with the story. Sukumar tried showing a universal emotion which will not go wrong. Though you watch the film knowing my character will die, you will get into a different world and be surprised when you come out of the theatre. I told my mom not to see the film, I don’t think she can handle it. It is not violent, it is too emotional,” Aadi was quoted as saying by The Hindu.

Aadi further adds that when Sukumar came to narrate the script to him, the process of narration was quite intense. “When Sukumar narrated the script, I went with a lot of positive energy. I knew it wouldn’t be just another film. I wanted to see what my part would be and it was a two hour narration. Initially the director was subtle but when he saw I was enjoying it in 15 minutes, he began enacting Charan’s role and I was laughing. Through the narration I saw the film; he was that clear. Usually I take time to reflect and get the narration into my system. Here, by the time he finished it, I said I was on board. I have never taken such a quick decision in my entire life. . There is a lot of soul and love in the script,” Aadi added further.

Source: The Hindu

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