Tollywood drugs case: Charmme Kaur’s father says his daughter has no time focussing on these stupid things

Charmme's father issued a statement to the media and reacted to the drugs case in which his daughter is alleged to be involved.

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Tollywood drugs case: Charmme Kaur’s father says his daughter has no time focussing on these stupid things

After the Telangana Excise Department sent out notices in connection to the drugs case to many celebrities from the Telugu film industry, there have been versions of stories doing rounds in the media. Celebrities who were said to have been sent the notices were Puri Jagannadh, Ravi Teja, Charmme Kaur and Navdeep among others.

While Puri Jagannadh appeared before the officials today and is being questioned by the officials of the Special Investigation Team (SIT), Charmme Kaur’s father Deep Sing Uppal opened up on the issue. Mr. Singh said that his daughter doesn’t have time for these kinds of things and she is focussed on her career.

In a statement issues to the media, Charmme’s father spoke about numerous things. “MY DAUGHTER HAS NO TIME FOCUSSING ON THESE STUPID THINGS” I choose u to share my views on the drugs controversy my daughter charmme has been dragged into .. hoping u do justice to my emotions. I know my daughter. She is working since the age of 13 and she is still working successfully in the industry. She will not have this longevity of success n amazing career if she is involved in such illegal activities. It is her hard work and dedication which has brought her this far. She is taking care of our entire family since she has started working and she is still being a strong pillar for us. Myself and Charmme is strong enough in dealing with such fake n sense less speculations but my wife is very disturbed as her daughter is being pointed for what she is not involved into,” said the statement issued to the media.

Mr. Singh also added, “My humble request for media is to think of their families before making such wrong allegations n stories and spreading the news. Being one of the powerful medium, our respect towards you would be immense if you stick to the facts before broadcasting some un true news on television. It will get you down and also disturb a person very bad. I wanted to make it clear yet again that Charmme is not into all this and i can proudly say that i brought up my kid well. Charmme is focussing on her business “Puri Connects” and busy shaping up the ongoing project PAISA VASOOL .. She has no time to focus on all these stupid things. And i am also a dear friend of Puri Sir. He is completely immersed in his work 24/7. He is a gem of a person and i’m sure he is no where involved in all these false news. Everything will be proved with a clean chit very soon. LIVE N LET LIVE.”

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