Tollywood Drugs Case: Objecting to collecting blood samples, actress Charmme files writ petition with High Court

Reports also indicate that the actress is said to be appearing before the officials of the SIT on July 26 for questioning.

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The ongoing drugs case in Telugu film industry seems to be taking a different direction now going by the recent developments. According to recent reports, actress Charmme Kaur has filed a writ petition with the High Court objecting to collecting of blood samples by the investigating officials. The actress’ petition claims that collection of blood samples is violation to Article 20 (3) of the Indian Constitution.

The clause says ‘No person accused of any offence shall be compelled to be a witness against himself’ and basis this, Charmme has taken this counter step against the officials investigating the case. Charmme is one of the celebrities who was served notice to appear before the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in connection with the drugs case.

Earlier, after Charmme’s father issued a statement stating his daughter is innocent and doesn’t have any connection with the drugs supply case as claimed by the officials. “I know my daughter. She is working since the age of 13 and she is still working successfully in the industry. She will not have this longevity of success n amazing career if she is involved in such illegal activities. It is her hard work and dedication which has brought her this far. She is taking care of our entire family since she has started working and she is still being a strong pillar for us,” Deep Sing Uppal, Charmme’s father, said in the statement.

Besides Charmme, other celebrities including Puri Jagannadh, Ravi Teja, Navdeep, Tarun Kumar, Subabraju and Shyam K Naidu among others were served notices by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to appear before them.

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