Tollywood flesh trade racket in the US: Two top actresses involved

Out of the five names of the victims mentioned in the complaint, two are top Tollywood actresses from Bengaluru and one from Chennai.

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The recently busted flesh trade scam has taken Telugu industry by storm. Kishan Modugumudi alias Sreeraj Chonnupatti (34) and his wife Chandra (31) were luring Tollywood actresses to the US in the name of giving shows and were then pushed into prostitution. The couple has also been accused of harassing the victims. Kishan is reportedly a businessman in the US and has co-produced a few films in Telugu.

Now, fresh reports suggest two top Tollywood actresses are involved in the flesh trade scam. Out of the five names of the victims mentioned in the complaint, two are top Tollywood actresses from Bengaluru and one from Chennai.

Movie Artistes Association president Shivaji Raja told Time Of India, “We are aware of Kishan Modugumudi’s suspicious activities. He worked as a production manager and co-produced at least two films. We have been warning artists not to go abroad for performances with those with dubious antecedents. A few years ago, when I was vice-president, we noticed suspicious activity. Usually, artists are not aware of the visa type issued to them for attending conferences in the United States, Dubai, Singapore or Australia. We are meeting on June 24 on the issue. We are requesting artists to inform MAA about performance schedules and attendance at events abroad so that we can talk to organisers or associations and verify credentials.”

Meanwhile, many actresses from the industry have spoken up on the issue. Sri Reddy, who had protested against the casting couch in the industry also revealed that she was approached by the same couple.

Recently, actress Mehreen Pirzada was travelling from Vancouver to the US to meet her family and that’s when she was questioned by the officials of US Department of Homeland & Immigration.

Speaking to a daily, she said, “I am shocked. It was so embarrassing. I was constantly travelling and wasn’t aware of the emergence of news regarding such illegitimate activities. When I revealed that I was a Telugu actress, I was questioned for 30 minutes.”

She was also asked if she was aware of the s*x racket. “The immigration officials politely told me that there was a serious racket that they were investigating and that they were questioning everybody from the Telugu film industry travelling to the US. Although they apologised for the inconvenience, they said they would continue to question people until all those involved in the racket were taken to task,” she revealed.


    Anu Emmanuel?


    For the money that is mentioned 1000/2000$ even mid range actress wont agree. top actress make up people more than this.


    Im guessing one of them could be Anjali. I may be wrong.

    And I honestly dont think actresses like Samantha, Kajal, Rakul, Tamanna, Anushka are involved — they are too high profile and are doing very well in their careers.


      There are many reports that Rakul had to get on the casting couch to get heroine roles. So, you never know who had to resort to what to get the place they are at now. Sad really.


    Who are they?


    Who are the top two actresses ?

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