Top Questions that we never asked about Baahubali 2

These questions will make you watch Baahubali 2 one more time and look for the answers.

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Top 5 Questions that we never asked about Baahubali 2

Officially, Baahubali 2 became the first Indian film to earn INR 1000 crores. The Indian film industry and all movie-lovers were celebrating this success by posting congratulatory messages on social media. Rajamouli is now the most successful director in Indian film industry with all his films being super hits.

While everything looks wonderful about Baahubali-2, there are few questions that most of us never bothered to ask in Baahubali 2.

We tried to decode the film and see if we are able to derive answers to these questions.

Here are the questions, answers to which are as important as Kattapa’s role in the film:

1. Where is the character Samaya?

Director SS Rajamoouli had unveiled a VR character called Samaya before the release of the trailer. Samaya was developed using VR technology with actress Ritu Varma as the reference and it was the first time ever in the Indian film industry. Throughout the film, the character Samaya never showed up. Wonder, why it was taken out!

Ritu Varma as the VR character, Samaya in Baaahubali 2

2. Who is Mrs Bhallala Deva?

In the first part, Mahendra Baahubali beheads Bhallaladeva’s son, Bhadra’s head while rescuing Devasena. Bhadra is shown as the badass character all throughout the film, like his father. But one never gets see who his mother is, I mean Mrs Bhallaladeva. Is he an adopted son?

Rana Daggubati as Bhallaladeva in Baahubali

3. Where is Aslam Khan?

Kannada Super Star Kicha Sudeep played a cameo in the first part as Aslam Khan, who is a Persian Trader and is shown meeting Kattappa in the initial part of the film. And that’s it, he never comes back. Why did Kattappa not take help of Aslam Khan when he needed someone to support him? Karnataka ban???

Kiccha Sudeep in Baahubali as Aslam Khan

4. Where is Avantika in Baahubali 2?

Tamannaah Bhatia essayed the role of Avantika, who is part of the group who are on a mission to get Devasena released from the clutches of Bhallala Deva. Tamannaah had a meaty role in the first part, but hardly any run time in The Conclusion. Were her scenes chopped off?

Tamannaah as Avanthika in Baahubali 2

What do you think?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below:


    Mrs. Bhallaldev committed suicide due to Bhallal’s behavior. Tamanna ruined her character with bad acting in part 1, therefore her part was chopped in 2. Moreover no one missed her. The movie was perfect with all its imperfections.


    My guess is that there was no mrs. bhalal deva. I think bhadra is devasena’s son w/ bhalal. She was probably raped.


      My hubby said the same but I don’t think a son would ask his mom to sleep with her and disrespect her so much.


        Why are you guys obsessed with rape factor?? In one scene, the son of Bhallaldev is insulting Devasena.


    Baahubali is surely a magnum opus. But for a film to receive this much rating, it has to be PERFECT. There were a lot of scenes where logic was missed. But man they have put in a lot of hard wrok to make this a master peice.


      I agree!


    so true…

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