Vijaya Chamundeswari: My mother, actress Savitri, could not deal with the issues in her life

Savitri's daughter Vijaya Chamundeshwari revealed few things about the iconic actress

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Mahanti Savitri

Mahanti Savitri

Yesteryear iconic actress Savitri was a blend of talent and glamour, and that made her the most successful actress in South India. A biopic is being planned on the life of Savitri which is titled Mahanati and will be directed by Nag Ashwin. The makers want to bring to light those aspects of Savitri’s life that not many know. Savitri’s daughter, Vijaya Chamundeshwari, revealed few incidents that happened in Savitri’s life.

Speaking to a leading daily Vijaya said, “I got married when I was 16 yrs. Old. Two years before I got married, there were differences between my parents Gemini Ganesan and Savitri. I was very young to understand what was happening between them. My parents used to be in touch with me regularly. I used to go to my dad’s house even when he did not live with us.

Vijaya also added that her mother Savitri was an innocent personality and didn’t know how to deal with issues in her life. “She didn’t know how to deal with the challenges that came her way. Her innocence brought her a lot of problems which she never could tackle. No one even bothered to talk to her or guide her through that phase.

Vijaya Chamundeshwari
Vijaya Chamundeshwari

She got into consumption of alcohol and that ruined her life. She was bed ridden for 18 months and was in coma throughout. My father was with her during her final days and it was evident that he was going through a lot of pain because of all what was happening.

Contrary to everyone’s conception that Savitri was in dire situations in terms of finances, Vijaya said that the iconic actress had worked hard enough to take care of her children. “My mother went through a crunch phase in terms of finances, but she had worked hard enough to save for her children. We are happy and settled in our lives today and that credit goes to my mother.

Well, we are eagerly waiting for the biopic to be released so that the facts are known to everyone.



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