Vithika Sheru: I took sleeping pills to balance my sleep scale because of a jet lag

The actress was taken to the hospital after she overslept because of the extra pills she had taken.

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Vithika Sheru: I took sleeping pills to balance my sleep scale because of a jet lag

Actress Vithika Sheru, wife of Varun Sandesh, was in the news recently for not so good reasons. Rumours started doing rounds that Vithika had consumed sleeping pills and attempted to kill herself after a photo of her on a hospital bed went viral online. And went came next was a storm of rumours and reports about all possible angles causing her to take such extreme step. But Vithika laughs off at the whole episode and says nothing of that sort has happened.

Speaking to a leading daily, Vithika Sheru revealed the reason behind she getting admitted into a hospital. “I came to India from the US recently and had severe jetlag. Since I will be going to Dubai soon and wanted to get my sleep cycle into place, my doctor prescribed medication. But when two pills weren’t enough, I took around four and went to sleep. I informed both Varun and my mother about it. But when I didn’t wake up for a very long time, my mom panicked and took me to the hospital,” said Vithika laughing at the whole episode.

Reports were doing rounds that her husband, actor Varun Sandesh and she were not in good terms and that resulted in she taking such extreme step. Vithika tweeted soon after knowing about all this – “Whatever the news is spreading around about us @iamvarunsandesh everything is just a rumor. We are doing great.”

Well, this goes on to show how rumours can spread like fire when some celebrity is in the news.

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