Vithika Sheru, wife of actor Varun Sandesh, denies suicide rumours

Rumours started doing rounds that the actress had attempted suicide and she was quick to lash out at all these reports.

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Vithika Sheru, wife of actor Varun Sandesh, denies suicide rumours

That rumours spread like wildfire is a known thing and when it is about a celebrity or a prominent personality, they travel faster than light. Tollywood celebrities are no exception and the same happened to actor Varun Sandesh and his wife Vithika Sheru. The couple feel prey to a rumour that spread around saying Vithika Sheru had attempted suicide and is currently unwell.

The actress was quick enough to take to her social networking page and deny all these rumours. The actress posted a message which read – “Whatever the news is spreading around about us @iamvarunsandesh Everything is a just a rumor. We are doing great.

This put rest to all the rumours that were spreading about Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru. There were different versions that were doing rounds. While one version had the suicidal story of Vithika, the other one had Vithika not being happy with husband Varun Sandesh.

I guess this actor couple knew what would come along with the package of being a star when they were entering. Looking at the way they handled it, looks like they are pretty used to it now. But rumour mills in Telugu film circles are always in denial even after a clarification comes in. No fire, no smoke?

Vithika Sheru last appeared in a Tamil film titled Mahabalipuram in the year 2015 while Varun Sandesh appeared in Lava Kusa in Telugu in the same year, and both of them tanked at the box office.

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