Watch: This video shows why Scarlett Mellish Wilson slapped the Hindi actor on the shooting sets

Umakant Rai is seen being sent out from the shooting location right after he was slapped by Scarlett Mellish Wilson.

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A day ago, Baahubali special song Manohari actress Scarlett Mellish Wilson slapped an actor named Umakant Rai for misbehaving with her on the sets of her next Hindi film. The actor apparently started making lewd gestures towards Scarlett Wilson and toucher her hair which irked the actress, and she slapped him. The actor Umakant Rai was immediately thrown away from the sets of the film for his behaviour and the producer Suresh Sharma assured that a stringent action would be taken against him.

While all this was happening, a video of what happened and why Scarlett Wilson slapped the actor has surfaced and is going viral for obvious reasons. The video shows Umakant Rai touching Scarlett Wilson’s hair and how she retaliated to it. Umakant Rai was immediately sent out of the shooting set by the crew of the film and one can see that in the video.

The producer of the film, Suresh Sharma, is keen on filing a complaint with the Film federation of India and also would ask Umakant Rai to tender an apology. And if not done so, would recommend the Film Federation of India to cancel the acting license of Umakant Rai. It is not confirmed yet if Scarlett Wilson or the makers have filed a police complaint.

Scarlett Wilson will also be seen in another Bollywood film titled Gold which features Akshay Kumar. Scarlett Wilson appeared in a special song in Baahubali which was a huge success. Scarlet Wilson has also appeared in a special song in another Telugu film Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu which starred Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

Watch the video here:


    That’s so fake loool.


    staged, just for publicity,


    she did the right thing by slapping him.. he deserved it.. well done Scarlett..


    IDK it looks like an accident from both parties’ perspective

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