Kalyan Ram about MLA: It’s not a hardcore political drama

During a media interaction, actor Kalyan Ram got candid about MLA and the failure of ISM.

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Kalyan Ram about MLA: It’s not a hardcore political drama

Kalyan Ram about MLA: It’s not a hardcore political drama

Telugu star Kalyan Ram’s latest big screen release MLA is all set to hit screens tomorrow. And, as expected, he is quite excited about the same. During a recent chat with the media, he opened up about the film’s plot and said that it is not very political in nature.
“It’s not a hardcore political drama. Politics is merely used as a sub-plot. It starts as a love story and along the way, the hero does something and realises he made a mistake, then solves the problem. The film addresses a problem that’s very common in every household,” he added.

Speaking about the film’s plus points, he said that it deals with the core issue in a ‘genuine’ manner and offers a liberal dose of entertainment as well.

“The USP of the film is how genuine it is in addressing the problem it tackles. We may have taken our liberty in songs and fight sequences but the core of the film is very genuine which is what really impressed me about the script. Umesh likes entertainment so we made the film as entertaining as possible but at the same time, its core is not diluted,” he added.

Interestingly, NKR was last seen in ISM which did not do well at the box office. However, he did not let its failure break him. Talking about it, he said that it satisfied the artiste in him.

“Honestly, I really liked the script of ISM. I was quite satisfied with the output but the film didn’t work for various reasons. As an artist, I only look at whether if I’m content doing a film. I leave the reception part to the audiences because it’s not in our hands,” added Kalyan Ram

We wish him good luck for MLA and hope that it helps him get his career back on track. Besides NKR, MLA also has Kajal Aggarwal and Bhojpuri star Ravi Kishan in the lead.

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