Naa Peru Surya Movie Review: Allu Arjun is terrific in this army-based film

Naa Peru Surya is not entirely army-based as the story shifts to Vizag after Arjun gets suspended from service.

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Director: Vakkantham Vamsi

Cast: Allu Arjun, Anu Emmanuel, Arjun, Sarath Kumar, Thakur Anoop Singh and Sai Kumar

Rating: ***

We’ve seen Allu Arjun shine in out-and-out commercial films and it’s not something to be surprised about as he’s known to be one of the best entertainers of Telugu filmdom. The Arjun you see in Vakkantham Vamsi directed Naa Peru Surya Naa Ilu India is someone we’ve rarely seen. He’s filled with rage, extremely patriotic and can’t control his anger. If there’s one thing that stay with us after watching the film, it must be Arjun’s no-nonsense performance. He’s a delight to watch playing a soldier with anger issues.

The story follows a solider (Surya) with a chequered past in his personal life. Right from the opening scene in a pub, we’re clearly given a glimpse of Surya’s attitude and anger. The story quickly shifts to a police station where we witness a terrific action scene. You can’t get a better introduction for a hero in such a film. The story then shifts to the army training camp and the well shot Sainika song touches the right chords, evoking patriotism and how much our soldiers sacrifice.

The film isn’t entirely army-based as the story shifts to Vizag after Arjun gets suspended from service. As Arjun goes through a phase of self-transformation, we get to know him on a more emotional and personal level. This transformation phase is where the story really picks up steam and sets things for a power-packed second half.

The film is owned by Allu Arjun in every frame and he’s well complemented by Tamil actors Arjun and Sarath Kumar, who is terrific as the antagonist. Vamsi’s attempt to showcase a hot-headed soldier take control of his anger and rise to the occasion is noteworthy. While the presentation is debatable, the idea is laudable.

Naa Peru Surya will go down as one of Allu Arjun’s best films. Despite its box-office fate, it’s not a film you can easily write off as it puts some creativity in its writing and makes us root for Vakkantham Vamsi, who makes an assured debut.

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